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The call is aimed at young people who are under the age of 33 on the expiry date of the call and in possession of a PhD or a specialization qualification, in the case of graduates in Medicine and Surgery. The call will allow funding for up to 4 research projects to be carried out at Istituto Superiore di Sanità, for a duration of 30 months, recognizing a maximum contribution to the expenditure of € 100,000 for each project. In addition, winners will be guaranteed a gross economic treatment of € 40,000 for each year of the project. The call does not identify specific research topics but leaves room for project initiatives within the strategic research areas of the institution.
Proposals must be submitted by 20 January 2022 ( (see section

Information & contacts: 6e63ee693414?t=1638810382880
e- mail:

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