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Post-doc positions available

Postdoctoral positions available in the laboratories of Alfredo Fontanini and Arianna Maffei

The laboratories of Alfredo Fontanini and Arianna Maffei are recruiting postdoctoral candidates interested in studying the circuits involved in taste processing, control of licking, feeding behaviors and learning. Our groups rely on complementary approaches (including electrophysiology, calcium imaging, optogenetic, chemogenetic, viral tools, anatomy, a variety of behavioral paradigms and computational analyses) to study the cellular and circuits-level mechanisms underlying taste processing, motor control of licking, taste learning, taste-dependent behaviors, decision-making and homeostatic regulation of taste. The teams are housed in the department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Stony Brook University (New York), a vibrant and very collaborative department with interests spanning from molecular and cellular to systems and computational neuroscience. If you are interested, please mail us at: and

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