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NeuroSchool PhD contracts in neuroscience are available at Aix Marseille University (France) for students with a master’s degree from a foreign university.

Apply through this application site, deadline April 2, 2023

Three of the following proposed projects will be funded :

  1. BLOUIN Jean (LNC): Cutaneous control of voluntary finger movements.
  2. BROVELLI Andrea (INT): Higher-order interactions in human brain networks supporting causal learning.
  3. CHARROUX Bernard, CAVEY Matthieu (IBDM): Neuronal bases of behavior evolution in Drosophila.
  4. DEVRED François (INP): Tau droplets inhibitors: a new class of anti-neurodegenerative disease compounds.
  5. DEBANNE Dominique (UNIS): Plasticity of intrinsic neuronal excitability in visual thalamic neurons.
  6. FASANO Laurent (IBDM): Towards a potential therapy of a rare form of autism spectrum disorder: Genetic rescue of Tshz3.
  7. IBOS Guilhem, CHAVANE Frédéric (INT): Inferring and modelling large scale cortical interactions during comparative decision making in non-human primates.
  8. KRAHN Martin, Gorokhova Svetlana (MMG): Plasma profiling as a novel biomarker for a rare neuromuscular disease.
  9. KHRESTCHATISKY Michel (INP): Vector-based targeting of RNA therapeutics to the brain for the development of novel treatments for neurodegenerative disorders.
  10. MANENT Jean-Bernard (INMED): Identifying early signs of circuit dysfunction before epilepsy onset in murine models of cortical malformations.
  11. PERRINET Laurent (INT): An efficient modelling approach for the detection of spiking motifs in neurobiological data.
  12. PICARDO Michel, BAUDE Agnès (INMED): Hippocampal dynamics in health and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) during the first two postnatal weeks.
  13. RIVERA BAEZA Claudio, MINLEBAEV Marat (INMED): Role of surround inhibition in generalization and propagation of epileptic activity in the neonatal brain in vivo.
  14. RIVERA Santiago (INP): Mechanisms of action of MT5-MMP in Alzheimer’s disease and therapeutic modulation using viral-mediated transgenic strategies.

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